Fairy Lights & Flower Crowns

Hey guys!

I LOVE wildflowers! They're one of my weaknesses, haha. I was so excited when my sister and I found several patches of these orange beauties! Of course we had to make a flower crown, it's a no brainer!

This is my absolute favorite photo! Took so many tries, lol. His smile is so contagious! 

One of the new things I've been trying out is fairy lights! I took a photo in December with them (which is at the bottom of this post), but never picked them up again until now. Lol, they can be a real pain sometimes, but it's so worth it!

It was such a beautiful day! So beautiful that the dogs decided they needed to go for a swim in the pond that's nearby. You don't know how happy they were to get all dirty! They always decide to do it right before we take pictures too, lol.

I love taking pictures in this pickup! The colors are awesome!

I'm so proud of this picture! Getting pictures of Tiger looking up is a challenge. He always has his eyes closed or he moves to fast for me to get the picture. 

I took this picture in December! It was one of the first times using fairy lights. It was also the first time I asked Ike to hold still while I put things on him. He is so patient! I'm sure he thought I was nuts, lol!


Thank you for checking out this post! Which photo is your favorite? 

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March Favorites

- A few of my favorite photos from March 2017 -

I am so proud of this photo! Was super happy with the focus. Look at all those dew drops!

I took the dogs to one of our ponds to get muddy! They loved it.

Had a photoshoot with one of my best friends! This is one of my favorites of her.

Was trying out some different editing with this one. The goal was to make it look dreamy. I like how it turned out!

Tried out some product photography. This is my custom leash from Sloppy Chops Co! Ike and Tiger are currently modeling for them. You should definitely check them out!

I love this shot! It was harsh sunlight so we found shade by an old grain truck. I was really happy with the colors. This is one of the modeling photos I took for Sloppy Chops Co!

Hope you enjoyed these!

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Sunset + Dogs + Adorable Model = Awesome Shoot

I took new pictures the other evening! It was so fun. I loved this shoot!

I absolutely love this wooly vest! Wish I had one in my size, lol.

Trying to find an editing style I like while using Photoshop, bare with me!

Fun posts going up the next few weeks! I'm pretty excited!


My Favorites - November & December

Some of my favorite pictures I've taken over the last two months!

Adorable bandana by Max Makes Bandanas!

Thank you for checking out this blog post!


Meet Tiger


Today I would like to introduce the newest member of my family, Tiger. He isn't that new anymore since we've had him for five months, give or take but he's new to the blog!  Here he is!

It was the last week of December and some of the coldest weeks we'd had so far, it had been in the single digits multiple times. We found Tiger on an oil and gas location trying to keep warm. When we found him he was pretty much skin and bones, now look at him. A big, clumsy, and sweet hunk of a dork lol. 

He has come really far since December.  He's gained weight and has gotten over his timidness mostly. He's still afraid of men but LOVES children and ladies.  

We are pretty sure he is a Pitt Bull mix of sorts but as to the other breed(s) he is we have no clue. He is one of the sweetest dogs we've had.  He enjoys playing with dog toys which is pretty awesome, almost all of our dogs don't care about toys (They would much rather wrestle with each other or be loved on) so it's nice to have a dog that likes to fetch, play tug-a-war, etc. 

He is coming along great in learning new things! So far he has learned to Sit, Stay, and we're working on Down. 

He is so photogenic. He loves getting his picture taken, or rather he likes all the extra attention! Either way he is a sweetie and enjoys spending time with you in whatever you're doing (One of the reasons I think my dog, Ike, and him get along so well!).

His eyes! I can't get over how beautiful they are! 😍😍😍

I hope you all enjoyed Tiger! I can't wait to share more of our adventures in the near future. 

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Tiger is modeling his adorable bow tie from Fuzzy Sheepdog Designs!