Mary & Red Rocks

Fun fact, we took these pictures while it was raining/sprinkling. Living in the place we do, it doesn’t rain near as much as we would like. So when it does rain, it’s a big deal. We actually got together just for the sole purpose of shooting in the rain…because it may or may not have been on our bucket list. Totally worth it.

Mary Red Rock October 1 BW.jpg

This rock was absolutely perfect. I really loved this location!

Mary Red Rock October 3.jpg

In case you wanted a visual as to how we find these places, we wander around the pastures till we find a cool spot to shoot a couple shots, then off to the next one. It’s comical, there’s a lot of, “Is that a snake or a stick?”, “Where did these stickers come from?”, or my personal favorite, “Hang on. Better call/text mom to let her know we’re still alive.”

We get a lot of exercise in! We both live in the middle of nowhere. We are about 40 miles from the nearest Walmart, haha. It makes it really fun to find new places! Because really, the only living things out in the middle of a pasture are cows, coyotes, cows, possible snake sometimes, cows, etc. So there’s a good chance you’re one of the only humans that has been to that special spot. Way cool.

Mary Red Rock October 2 BW.jpg

I really loved these photos! We took some pictures in/on a couple old trucks too, but those are for another time. Until then, feel free to check out old blog posts or my Instagram!


Fog and a Parka

This fog was amazing!

Where I live, we don't get just a whole lot of moisture, we've gone about a five month span without any measurable moisture. I was like a toddler in Disneyland, haha.


I love how fluffy the hood looks in this photo!


This is one of my first times taking pictures in fog, so it was different, but fun!


Can we just take a moment for my model? She's adorable. She's going to cut off her hair, it's going to be so different but cute!


Can you tell it was cold outside? We froze, haha!


This shot took soooo long to get! Her hair kept flipping in her face, but we had fun with it.


I really love the colors in this shoot! I'm partial to purple and earthy tones, folks. I can't not like them. It's not possible.


In photoshoots I have a tough time with bouncing light back to the subject's face sometimes (I need to learn flash, cough, cough.) I just need to get a shirt that's one big reflector, haha. Is that even a thing? Can I buy a shirt that's shiny metallic gold? That'd be so helpful, lol. You want to talk about people staring at you while just taking photos in public, having that shirt would be like having that annoying beeper on golf carts. Everyone and their dog would be staring at you.


I almost wish it was still cold out so we could wear layers still. Almost. That's one of the only things I enjoy about Winter, aside from the shorter days and snow (when we get snow.)


This has to be my favorite photo from the shoot! 

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Sunset + Lights + Cute Sunglasses

Absolutely loved this shoot!  Check at the end for an adorable shot of Ike!


Hope you enjoyed these! 


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March Favorites

- A few of my favorite photos from March 2017 -

I am so proud of this photo! Was super happy with the focus. Look at all those dew drops!

I took the dogs to one of our ponds to get muddy! They loved it.

Had a photoshoot with one of my best friends! This is one of my favorites of her.

Was trying out some different editing with this one. The goal was to make it look dreamy. I like how it turned out!

Tried out some product photography. This is my custom leash from Sloppy Chops Co! Ike and Tiger are currently modeling for them. You should definitely check them out!

I love this shot! It was harsh sunlight so we found shade by an old grain truck. I was really happy with the colors. This is one of the modeling photos I took for Sloppy Chops Co!

Hope you enjoyed these!

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