Fungus and Caterpillars

Hey guys!

Yesterday we went and explored more of my favorite pasture! It was so much fun.


I love finding little fungus! It's like an easter egg hunt every time I got out.


They look like little sea urchins! 


I posted this photo on my Instagram! These types caterpillars are out this time of year, and they love sand plum thickets! 


The blossoms smell so heavenly.


I was walking and a mourning dove flew off! We were worried it was hurt, as it wasn't flying normally. But then realized we fell for it. Mother doves often pretend to be hurt as they fly away to distract you from their nest of chicks!


They’re so ugly they’re cute! 


I hope you enjoyed these photos! 

A Girl & Her Goat


Hey Guys!

It's been awhile since I've last posted, and I've missed it a lot! Life has been so crazy. Even though I took a break from the blog, I haven't stopped taking pictures. I've begun taking a lot more portraits of people. I'm happy that I've expanded my niche. I have really started to enjoy it!


About a week ago, one of my dear friends and I decided to do a shoot with her goat!


He was her bottle baby that she has raised into a sassy fluff ball of personality. 


If he could talk, we would've had an earful of complaints, on how there was a frightening lack of treats on the photoshoot, when in reality there was more than enough.


He's basically just a big dog. Haha, fun fact, I was just told that he prefers brown paper napkins from McDonald's as his snack!


Bottle babies get very attached to the people who care for them, and you can definitely tell that, that is his momma.


I love taking pictures with animals! They give a very natural, candid, look to photos. No matter how hard you try, you will most likely not come out with a posed photo. They will do their own thing, whether you like it or not. So you might as well go with a loose idea of what you want, and just capture what happens, at least when a stubborn goat is involved, haha. And in all honesty, who wants a posed picture when you can have candid shots that show emotion and their natural interactions? This is, of course, just partaining to certain shoots. There are shoots where you want to have more styled photos.


They definitely love each other, so their interactions were very fun to capture.


Goat kisses!


I could not get over how cute they were while editing these. Their happiness is infectious!


This was the first shoot we got to have in the golden hour! The lighting was perfect, and I absolutely loved this old tin barn.


That's a wrap folks. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do! It was a blast. 



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Sunset + Lights + Cute Sunglasses

Absolutely loved this shoot!  Check at the end for an adorable shot of Ike!


Hope you enjoyed these! 


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March Favorites

- A few of my favorite photos from March 2017 -

I am so proud of this photo! Was super happy with the focus. Look at all those dew drops!

I took the dogs to one of our ponds to get muddy! They loved it.

Had a photoshoot with one of my best friends! This is one of my favorites of her.

Was trying out some different editing with this one. The goal was to make it look dreamy. I like how it turned out!

Tried out some product photography. This is my custom leash from Sloppy Chops Co! Ike and Tiger are currently modeling for them. You should definitely check them out!

I love this shot! It was harsh sunlight so we found shade by an old grain truck. I was really happy with the colors. This is one of the modeling photos I took for Sloppy Chops Co!

Hope you enjoyed these!

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Sunset + Dogs + Adorable Model = Awesome Shoot

I took new pictures the other evening! It was so fun. I loved this shoot!

I absolutely love this wooly vest! Wish I had one in my size, lol.

Trying to find an editing style I like while using Photoshop, bare with me!

Fun posts going up the next few weeks! I'm pretty excited!