Fog and a Parka

This fog was amazing!

Where I live, we don't get just a whole lot of moisture, we've gone about a five month span without any measurable moisture. I was like a toddler in Disneyland, haha.


I love how fluffy the hood looks in this photo!


This is one of my first times taking pictures in fog, so it was different, but fun!


Can we just take a moment for my model? She's adorable. She's going to cut off her hair, it's going to be so different but cute!


Can you tell it was cold outside? We froze, haha!


This shot took soooo long to get! Her hair kept flipping in her face, but we had fun with it.


I really love the colors in this shoot! I'm partial to purple and earthy tones, folks. I can't not like them. It's not possible.


In photoshoots I have a tough time with bouncing light back to the subject's face sometimes (I need to learn flash, cough, cough.) I just need to get a shirt that's one big reflector, haha. Is that even a thing? Can I buy a shirt that's shiny metallic gold? That'd be so helpful, lol. You want to talk about people staring at you while just taking photos in public, having that shirt would be like having that annoying beeper on golf carts. Everyone and their dog would be staring at you.


I almost wish it was still cold out so we could wear layers still. Almost. That's one of the only things I enjoy about Winter, aside from the shorter days and snow (when we get snow.)


This has to be my favorite photo from the shoot! 

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