Instagram + Dog People = The Best

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I. love. Instagram!

Now I know what you're thinking,

"Yeah, yeah, that's what every teenage girl says."

So maybe I should rephrase that,

I love the people that I have met there.

I love being able to share my photos with people who also share similar interests.

I love seeing everyone's different ideas and creativity.

I love being able to connect and encourage each other.

There's so many talented photographers that inspire so many, including me. 

One of the ways I've met a lot of amazing people is through dog model searches.  They're pretty awesome!

If you don't know what dog model searches are, basically the companies on Instagram that sell some form of dog accessories, and sometimes to get their product spread to a wider audience they host a contest. The winners of the contest are their dog models for a certain length of time (a term). Over the length of the term the models get a few free products to take pictures of, then you send the company pictures of their product on your dog(s)! That's just an idea of how the ones I've been involved in work, not every company is the same and many have different ways of running their model searches. 

The people I meet through dog model searches are some of my favorite kinds of people. Why, you ask? Because they're just as obsessed with their dog as I am with mine! Haha, just kidding. But really, they are amazing people that take gorgeous photos, are super supportive, creatively driven, and all around fun to talk to. 

Having a community around the things you enjoy is seriously one of the best things ever. Instagram definitely provides that and the connections you make are so valuable and worthwhile!

You should definitely try out Instagram for your photography if you don't already have one!