Be You!

I see so many girls discouraged and upset that they don't have what society calls a "Perfect Body" or they don't have the "Popular" clothing.  

God doesn't think you should be like everyone else.  He wants you to be unique!  If he wanted us all to be the same he would make us all the same.  Wouldn't that be boring?

So what if you don't have the most popular clothing?

So what if you have some curves?

God made you special!  He says that we are far above rubies meaning we are priceless.  
Anyone who says otherwise should be ashamed for saying so.

Being yourself is very important because you are being just as God intended for you to be.  

As for the "Popular" clothing, most of it is really immodest.  I mean how much shorter are they going to get with those mini shorts? You might as well be wearing your underwear.

You will also attract attention from guys for the wrong reasons when wearing immodest clothing.  

God made your body for your spouse's eyes only.  

And when the time comes you want the guy to like you for your personality, not for how appealing your body is.

No matter what be yourself! Don't let others morph you into something your not.  

Remember we are setting an example for others and the younger generation.

God will always love you, he will always think you are awesome so go on and shine!