5 Reasons Why You Should Try Photography


I started taking pictures with a Nikon DSLR in January of 2014 and haven't stopped since! It is a fantastic hobby that I enjoy a lot. I actually decided this summer that I wanted to pursue photography as a profession in the near future!

A few reasons why I think photography is a good hobby and why you should try it are:

It promotes good decision making!

You have to decide the location to shoot, what time of day is best for a shoot in that situation, what subject you're going to photograph, how you want the subject to pose (or not.), how you want the overall picture to look like afterwards, and many other things.

It makes you practice patience!

You might have a subject that just by golly is not wanting to cooperate. You can't get upset because if you are, they are too. Another example is if you are photographing a sunset/sunrise or are needing certain natural light, you have to wait for it. Before I started taking photos I was a bit impatient and photography has helped me learn to be patient and wait for the right moment to come along. 

Two words. Problem solving. 

It makes you think outside the box a lot! I can't tell you how many times I've had to throw a piece of cow pie or pinecones in a direction for the dog to look and perk it's ears. You have to improvise so much in some situations. At one point I was taking indoor photos and needed that extra bit of light. So my friends and I ended up wrapping tin foil over a big piece of card stock and curving it around the light fixture to direct the light towards the subject!

Exercises commitment and creativity. 

To be good at this you have to work at it. Nobody is going to be perfect the first time around, and really if we're honest we won't ever be the best because there will always be something to learn and improve on. Things can only get better the more you work on it! Also it makes you think creatively. Creativity is like a muscle, you have to use it for it to get stronger! Creativity is a big part of photography because that's how your photos will stand out in the crowd and what will make your picture memorable.

It's so flexible!

You want to do landscapes? You can! Portraits or food photography? You can do that too! There are so many different areas to explore. Night photography is especially fun! Don't be afraid to try out new areas because you just might find something you love! Even if you don't have a camera, you can still do photography with your phone. I've seen some really pretty photos come from an iPhone and a clip on lens or even without the lens, so don't let that stop you!


There you go! Five reasons why I think you should try out photography. 


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