Three Things You Need To Believe About Yourself


Number One

You are good enough.

You can do whatever you want to if you set your mind to it. Sure, it might not be easy but by golly if you want something you have to work for it. It's easy to be discouraged or want to quit when the journey gets tuff or an obstacle pops up but you have to push through it.  

God has the power to do anything, He made you, right?! So trust Him and go try this thing you're wanting to do. God's going to help you, whether He opens this door for you or guides you to a better opportunity by closing that particular door, He's got this! You have the courage and strength inside of you to try. It's going to work out even if it's not in the way you pictured it!

God sent His only son, Jesus, to earth to sacrifice Himself for us so that we may have life and opportunities and families. Most importantly, to have a life that gives the glory to Him so our sins can be forgiven through Christ.

He has a plan for you so believe you're good enough because if you weren't Jesus wouldn't have died for you

You go and work for whatever you want to do, God will help along the way.

Number Two

You're beautiful just the way you are.

First of all God thinks you are amazing, inside and out. He literally thinks you're to die for. 

Social media and our culture feeds us the constant message of what they conceive beauty to be, but have we thought of how God conceives beauty? God believes real beauty comes from the heart, being kind, loving, nurturing, a good servant to others, and humble, are a few of the characteristics that make someone beautiful. That is the kind of beauty we should strive for, it's the kind of beauty that will last your hole life. When you remember people, what do you remember most about them? Do you remember how good their hair looked that day? Or maybe how on point their makeup was? Those things don't stand out as much as how they acted towards you and others. For a lot of people they remember how somebody acts and how they treated those around them, so being kind, humble, serving, etc, is always a good idea.

I'm not saying that making yourself look nice, putting on makeup, or wearing cute clothes isn't something we shouldn't do, I'm saying that we probably shouldn't base your self worth off of these things entirely.

You are beautiful and fearfully made (Psalm 139:14) and shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

God made you and thinks you're wonderful. Anyone who says you're not as pretty as them have self esteem issues and feel they have to pull someone down or make someone feel bad about themselves to make them feel better.

Bottom line is God made you and you're one good looking person.

Number Three

Be yourself.

You don't have to act a certain way to fit in. In fact, God doesn't want you to fit in with the rest of the world, He wants you to be just as He intended you to be and represent Him in the best possible way. Fitting in isn't all bad, it's okay to want to match your BFF or something like that, I'm saying when you actually have to change your morals to fit in isn't a good thing. Being you is important. If you can't be yourself in a group of certain individuals then most likely those aren't the people you should be around or trying to win approval from.

God made you with your own personality and different quirks so you should express it! If the people around you can't see the beauty in your personality then they aren't worth you trying to make them like you, you will constantly feel exhausted and empty. Nobody can be like you, no one.

True friends aren't going to make you change your morals or make you feel less.

Do not sacrifice your values for someone who has none

Attitudes are contagious. Whoever you're around the most is who is going to impact you, and you'll start acting like them. If you hang around somebody that resembles Eoyor then guess how you're going to start feeling? Depressed, Stressed out, and all together unhappy.

So surround yourself with people that are encouraging, loving, and of good character. People that's going to lift you up and not drag you down. Find someone that will keep you accountable to be the best you, you can be!

A good rule of thumb is:

Be yourself,

Be uplifting to others,

Be joyful,

Be a good servant,

Smiling is always a good decision!