In Autumn

I miss Autumn! It's my favorite time of the year.  The trees turn gorgeous colors, the weather is fantastic, and the Golden Hour rocks with all the warm colors everywhere! 

Miss Ruby!

When it was Fall time my friend Kristyn, her sister, and I took her English Golden Retriever named Merlin and a few of his puppies to a park! It was so much fun.  It is one of my favorite memories from this year (2015).

Near the end of the trip the lighting was perfect and I caught the early rays of the Golden Hour! 

Mr. Topaz!

On our way out we stopped and took some photos on the road with all the fallen leaves! I loved all the colors. While we were doing that we found a stream and took some photos of Merlin by it! I really like how those photos had a forest-y feel to them.



I cannot wait until next Autumn! I am starting a list of all the different photo ideas I have and want to try.  I hope to take my dog to a park with a bunch of trees so we can have extra Fall-y themed photos sometime this next coming year! 


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my photos!


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Also don't forget to check out Kristyn's website! She raises Golden Retrievers!


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