Two Year Old Throw Back


Since it's Thursday I thought it'd be great to do Throw Back Thursday, featuring a post I wrote two years ago. Yeah... I was extremely proud of these photos. Legit sprained my ankle getting that silhouette one, lol!


Here goes nothing! 


"This is our dog Cookie.  I was very happy with this photo because usually she is constantly moving and it's very hard to get a clear picture of her.

This is a friend's cat.  There was two cats in the tree and this picture was taken right before she pounced on the other one.

Another picture of a friend's cat.  I don't have any cats at my house so I really enjoy getting pictures of them when I go to her home.
If only that stick wasn't right in the middle of her face...  I still like it though, it looks like she is trying to hide behind it.
I am still trying to master taking pictures of black animals.  They are so hard sometimes!

A picture of a daddy long leg spider! I love these tiny guys.  This particular daddy long leg looked like a muffin with legs. 
I have an awesome memory of catching a hole jar of these with a friend of mine a long time ago.  It was so fun! They were everywhere in her flowerbed! 

So I tried to take some silhouette pictures with my dog the other night and this is the only one that turned out.  Hopefully I will have better luck next time!

I saw some of the cutest little mutts the other night!  We went to a friends house and their dog had some puppies so I got some pictures."


That's It!


I had these posted on my previous blog, Daughter Of The High King Of Kings (It's a mouthful, huh?) and have a ton of old photos there. Thanks for checking this out and I hope you have a beautiful day.